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Three Easy to Deploy Solutions for Reopening Your Building


Aware by BuildingLink - 3 COVID Reopening Technologies

In addition to the range of sensor solutions that Aware by BuildingLink has been deploying for its multi-family clients (fitness center, parking activity, leak detection), we have selected and adapted the below 3 technologies, specifically for managing your building during the COVID and post-COVID environment.

NetVoice Annunciator

$400 per annunciator + data service fee

NetVoice Annunciator enables you to effortlessly broadcast one-time and repeating voice announcements to any space(s) in your building


Aware's NetVoice Annunciator allows you to broadcast audio reminders and informative messages to your residents and staff anywhere in your building! You simply send a one-time sms message - containing the announcement you want played - from your mobile device to your NetVoice Annunciator! Or, go to your Aware desktop webpage to schedule multiple timed or recurring announcements, or to specify multiple languages!


Mailbox Monitoring

$70 per sensor (hub required) + data service fee

Mailbox Monitoring Solution Reduces Resident Traffic and Provides Convenient Notifications


Aware's Mailbox Monitoring solution makes it easy for residents to see when their mail has arrived (by monitoring the USPS opening and closing of the mail-bay locks).


Button Logging

$70 per button (hub required) + data service fee

Event tracking technology that easily and quickly records the completion of a task, providing insight into cleaning and other critical, schedule staff responsibilities.


Aware's Button-Logging Solution is just that: one or more buttons which, when pressed, logs an event, or the completion of a specific task you've preassigned to it.

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