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"See" your way to operational excellence, with easy, camera-based analytics

Aware Computer Vision, or Aware-CV is a visual solution with the ability to measure and monitor your trafficked areas by way of one or more camera-enabled computing devices.


Aware-CV puts five sophisticated computer vision (CV) tools at your fingertips to be deployed to help you learn more about your building's operations:  Object Counting, Traffic Counting, Object Placement, Skeletal Tracking, and Heatmap.

Object Detection/Counting:

Pick from a list of "x" objects and set Aware-CV in counting mode (for example, to discover the # of people in an exercise class) or detection mode (for example, to be alerted when a dog or suitcase comes into the building or out of elevator).


Traffic Counting:

Drag lines accross your screen and let Aware-CV count the number of people crossing each line in either direction.


Object Placement:

Track and count objects moving in and out of designated boxes (drawn by you) on your screen. For example, map out your parking lot and track the number of cars (or spots empty) coming and going. 

Skeletal Tracking:

Detect and alert for specified body positions or movements (i.e. sitting, standing, falling, raising hand, etc.)


Aware-CV can create a heatmap for you of time-lapsed traffic patterns in your common areas.

Our Aware-CV custom app allows you to easily configure, preview, and tweak all of these solutions without any prior computer vision knowledge.

We turn you into a CV expert overnight.

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